The Territory

The Territory

The climate and the soil

Between the Tagliamento and the lagoons, as to lap against the sea, are located the farm founded by Dr. Domenico Toniatti Giacometti; corn, soya bean, sugar beet, wheat, hay and, especially, grapevine are cultivated for decades on difficult but generous soils. The Adriatic Sea mitigates the cold winter and the dry summer allows a very good cultivation of vineyards that continues successfully for over five decades. Besides the traditional wine growing there are also the most current cultivations: from expanded systems, which express flavours and scents of old times, to the grapevines that assign the quality to the few brunches per plant. We cultivate the traditional Tai and Merlot and the most recent and young Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Pinot Bianco, Traminer, Verduzzo, Prosecco, Cabernet Frac and Refosco.

Vineyards and vines

Evolution of viticultural techniques and the change of the market demands have influenced the choices of working of the grapevine over the years, so within the Toniatti Giacometti there are different forms of cultivation, different clones and spacing: we have gone from the “casarsa” method high productive and low mechanized to the most modern forms of pruning like “Sylvoz” method and spurred cordon, more mechanized and capable of producing quality grapes.

The clones used are different, because there are grapevines of different ages, from vineyards of over forty years until the last planted three years ago with new clones and more suitable to the type of soil.

It has also increased the density of plants per hectare from 1500 to 3000 and more grapevines per hectare, allowing to produce fewer grapes per grapevines with an increase of quality.