The History

The history

In Bevazzana, a small town between S. Michele al Tagliamento and Lignano Sabbiadoro, the ancient core of the agricultural farm “dott. Domenico Toniatti Giacometti” is located with its lands, that are dedicated to the cultivation of vineyards. In an area devoted to viticulture, since 1500 the Toniatti Giacometti family has positioned itself as a reference point for the territory, founding the first Social Winery for the town of Latisana. The engineers of the family were the promoters of the reclamation of the neighbouring Venetian Lagoon, which gives wine producers salinity and a bouquet of aromas in white wines and fruity fragrances. The vocation of growing vines has its roots in the earliest history of the area. Ancient romans made the most of agriculture also due to the easy transportation, using roads, which led toward and to the other side of the Alps.

Both today and in the past, at the very first headquarters, which were acquired at the beginning of the last century and built on the land of the Gasperi family, it is the duty of the cellar, located in Latisana in the heart of the town, to follow all steps from the vineyard to the numerous processes involved in winemaking and maturing. Since the beginning of the last century, when the product was destined to the local population in the form of bulk wine, the family has continued to increase its bottling production, keeping up with modern tastes and habits and more suited to meet the needs of a larger and more dispersed market.

Vineyards and Horses, a very strong bond

Since the 15th century these lands have been suitable for viticulture. 

The peculiarity and the characteristic of this ancient winery is the fascinating area in which it is located.
About one hundred of hectares of the winery are dedicated to the breeding of racehorses, of the trotter breed, which graze in the large paddocks adjacent to the vineyards.

These beautiful athletes, whose names of foals are always combined with a suffix “jet”, are the feather in our cap. The family wines recall them in the label, which is designed with a background reference to the paddocks and the silhouette of the horse, and with the desire to name three wines with the names of the stallions who have contributed to making the home breeding great.

To Supergill is reserved a red wine with great pulpiness and balsamic spicy persuasion.

Qualto and Fausto Branchini - cut

The magnum of Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso is dedicated to Qualto, the first stallion to project the “jets” on the Italian scene.

A white blend with a strong and persuasive character is dedicated to Sharif di Jesolo, the greatest racehorse of trotter breed ever who improved indigenous blood and made jet breeding known throughout the world.

Sharif di Jesolo