The History

The history

In Bevazzana, a small town between S. Michele al Tagliamento and lignano Sabbiadoro, the ancient core of the agricultural farm “dott. domenico Toniatti giacometti” is located with its lands that are dedicated to the cultivation of vineyards. every year from the heart of this business, also involved in the growing of orchards, sowable and herbage plants, a great range of wines are produced and – thanks to the land neighbouring the sea – the white wines develop their bouquet and the red wines obtain their fruity fragrances. The vocation of growing vines has its roots in the earliest history of the area. Ancient romans made the most of agriculture also due to the easy transportation, using roads, which led toward and to the other side of the Alps. The company has devoted itself to the winemaking industry for almost a century. Through the generations the family brand has improved in its cultivation and winemaking techniques, ever able to better deal with market needs.

Both today and in the past, at the very first headquarters, which were acquired at the beginning of the last century and built on the land of the gasperi family, it is the duty of the cellar, located in latisana in the heart of the town, to follow all steps from the vineyard to the numerous processes involved in winemaking and maturing. Since the beginning of the last century, when the product was destined to the local population in the form of bulk wine, the family has continued to increase its bottling production, keeping up with modern tastes and habits and more suited to meet the needs of a larger and more dispersed market. The company displays a most unusual “business card” on their bottled products. The bottles are recognisable by the label showing the trotter champion “Sharif di Jesolo”, the pride of the family which is also involved in breeding trotters.

Sales point Latisana

Via Rocca nr. 28 – 33053 Latisana (UD)
Tel. 0431 50331 – Fax 0431 50331
Closing day: Monday
Person in charge: Mr. Mirco Mauro